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Welcome to my site and online store at Wildlife Moments.

I am Ben van Niekerk, a natural Wildlife Photographer from Vryheid Kwa Zulu Natal South Africa.

Since childhood, I was captivated by nature in all its splendor and I tried to capture so many wildlife moments in the past with substandard equipment.

This all changed with the improvement of new and modern technology.

Taking a picture of a wild animal or a bushveld sunset, is a fleeting moment just for that second and can not be rearranged to be photographed ever again.

Tomorrow that animal is no longer there. The scene on that spot has changed completely. The sunset looks different every day, clouds and sunlight changes by the minute. Every day offers new wildlife moments to the photographer.

Over a couple of years, I managed to capture special wildlife moments.

I offer high quality prints on canvas for sale all over the world. Each print is personally checked and signed by myself.

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